Clinical Canine Massage Therapy

Clinical canine massage therapy is a remedial, none invasive treatment.  I aim to manipulate muscles and fascia to rehabilitate soft tissue injuries presented as lameness and limping.  It is also a natural form of pain relief and can help to support common orthopaedic conditions such as Arthritis and Hip Dysplasia.  Usually, we will see results within one to three treatments. 

Clinical canine massage therapy is suitable for all dogs.  Active, younger and sporting dogs will benefit from maintenance massages to prevent injury and senior dogs will feel the advantages of massage treatments to relieve pain, soreness and stiffness.  As a owner, some of the main benefits you will see include:

• Improvements in your dog’s gait andposture
• Improvements in your dog’s behaviour. Often when dogs are in pain, just like us, they may be withdrawn, less      tolerant and more likely to snap.
• Your dog will be more willing to carry out everyday activities such as going for a walk.
• Improvements in your dog’s performance.

I have studied for two years with the Canine Massage Therapy Centre to complete the Clinical Canine Massage Practitioner Programme.  In order to ensure I treat the whole of your dog during a massage, I have a thorough understanding and knowledge of both anatomy and physiology.  Therefore, as well as concentrating on your dogs primary issue for the massage treatment, I will also be aware of areas of overcompensating and referred pain.   I have been trained in four disciplines of massage, these are:

• Swedish Massage
• Sports Massage
• Remedial Massage
• Myofascial Release – indirect and the Lenton method of direct releas

I am fully insured and a Member of the Guild of Canine Massage Therapists which promotes high standards and safe practice and I am required to complete twenty-five hours of Continuous Professional Development per year.