On the Scent Dog Obedience and Agility Training School

Sophia Taylor at On the Scent Dog Obedience and Agility Training School trains dog owners to train their dogs in a fun, fair and responsible way.  Sophia provides a variety of classes to match your dogs age and experience including puppy socialisation, obedience training, dog agility, cani-thon, gundog work and private lessons.  All classes are held outdoors in an enclosed meadow where there is plenty of space with lots of scents which may be encountered on a walk and having the space we are able to set up "dummy walk" situations for recalls away from other people and/or other dogs.  For further information please visit the On the Scent website at www.onthescent.co.uk.

SASS Dog Equipment

SASS Dog equipment produces quality handmade products for working, showing and pet dogs of all breeds including, dog collars, dog leads, dog harnesses, dog boots, ganglines and luxury walking belts for dog walkers.  I can personally recommend the dog harnesses which are individually made to your dogs measurements, they are extremely robust and relieves pressure on the dogs throat and airways making the whole experience much more comfortable and pleasurable for dog and giving the handler much more confidence!  They also come in a variety of great colours!  The walking belts are fantastic too, a must for any dog walker!  For further information please visit the SASS website at www.sassdogequipment.co.uk.

Country Hounds

If you enjoy keeping active with your dog, Country Hounds can provide you with all the equipment you need!  Including harnesses, leads, collars, belts and dog sled equipment appropriate for racing/training, bikejoring, dog scooting, canicross and back packing.  These can also be used for just simply walking your companion dog!  Furthermore, Country Hounds supply excellent dog treats, including amazing cod and salmon skins which I can personally recommend!  As well as dog beds, active dog gear and health and nutrition products.  To view their full range, please visit Country Hounds website at www.countryhounds.net.